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The Early Childhood Education (ECE) Grant is an important investment in Ohio’s youngest learners. The purpose of the ECE Grant is to maximize a child’s early educational experiences. These experiences help to prepare children for success in kindergarten by providing high-quality early learning services to Ohio’s preschool age children. The state funded ECE Grant is awarded to early care and education programs who are required to provide developmentally appropriate learning environments that address the outcomes and goals essential for healthy development and academic, social, and emotional growth.

Toledo’s future depends on a well-educated workforce, yet four out of five children here – 80% of our kids – start school not ready to learn. Too many stay behind – in reading, math, high school graduation, college enrollment, job skills and family income. Our 4,000 4-year-olds need a strong start so Toledo can have a stronger economy and future.

With no time to waste, HOPE Toledo Pre-K is working for sustainable public preschool funding to:  

  1. Get all 4-year-olds access to high-quality preschool through public schools and community providers.

  2. Provide families with tuition assistance on a sliding scale based on income.

  3. Requires high standards, sound curricula, small classes, and family engagement.

  4. Attract and retain excellent teachers with competitive compensation.

  5. Provide professional development to improve teacher and student performance.

  6. Partner with local agencies for the health, social, and behavioral services children need.

  7. Guarantee accountability with program evaluations and financial audits.


Governance is shared by participating school districts and a HOPE Toledo Pre-K Services Board including the districts, city, educators, parents, agency partners, funders, and local citizens – and implemented by a small pre-K leadership team.


We are a preferred partner of You can view our profile to schedule an enrollment meeting. 

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